Jalwa Season 6


Jalwa Season 6 - Rules and Regulations

  • An organization can register only one team

  • Theme- Nature; Style – Open

  • Each team will be allotted a total time of 10 minutes on the stage including arrangement of the properties

  • Each team will be allotted a time of 7 minutes to perform their act and 3 minutes for stage - setup, entry & exit

  • A team can have a minimum of 6 members and a maximum of 14 members

  • Each team can have additional 4 handlers to arrange properties on stage

  • Expenses incurred for costumes, properties and choreography shall be borne by the participants/corporates and will not be a responsibility of the organizing team

  • The songs for the act need to be submitted to NATANA organizing committee prior to the event, in a specified storage media as and when intimated

  • Registrations would be closed when it reaches 20 and those who register after that would be in the waiting list. The teams would get a confirmation email from NATANA if their slot is finalized

  • Your online registration will be complete only after the receipt of INR 2000 as registration.

  • The judging criteria and the results are under the sole discretion of NATANA

  • Any disputes regarding the judgement should come to NATANA only from the respective company HR/management.


  • The list of props (if any) should be informed to NATANA organizing committee one week prior to the show

  • Costumes should not be revealing or inappropriate and should conform to the guidelines of judging committee

  • Camouflage needs to be approved and authenticated by NATANA organizing committee

NB: - All team leads are requested to submit a representation letter from the HR department with the names and employee ID's of participants to NATANA to complete the registration.

Contact Person: 
Please get in touch with Lekshmi (+91 94477 14241) for any clarifications regarding Jalwa S6